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Photo Facts

It’s a fact: In today’s busy, Internet-driven society, it’s your property images that sell your property. If your property isn’t represented online with high-quality, attention-grabbing pictures, you might as not be selling at all.

At R/E Photo UTAH, our pictures speak for themselves. They stand out, and they grab eyeballs. We take care of the whole process- Call us now and you get final, finished images, sized and ready to post as quick as same day!

Take a look through our portfolio, and see how R/E Photography helps our clients stand out from the crowd. See if you don’t agree that our award-winning photographers make the properties we shoot something more than run-of-the-mill, something that stands out on the Utah MLS.

Photo Packages

Get Premium interior, exterior, twilight, specialty and drone photography- we do it all!
Photo Tours Too!

Award Winning

Over 10 years professional experience, we have won state and national awards including Best Architecture & Best of State two years running….

Video Packages

Nothing makes a property come alive like a video walk-through. Give your clients a video tour of your property & sell quick!

Save YOUR Time

We take are of the process for you, and send you ready-to-use videos and images. Want your logo on the video- no problem!

Some Of Our Most Recent Utah Photography


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What can you expect when you hire us? First, the best dang pictures you have ever seen. But more than that, you will find us easy to work with and eager to please. We take time to find what is unique and special in your home, and we shoot with an eye to it’s best features. We are not in-and-out formula shooters like many of the corporate photography companies now invading Salt Lake. Unlike their banzai, spray and pray, in and out in 20 minutes approach, we will spend a couple hours on site, customizing  our shoot to the character of the house.

Aerial Photography
Our Deluxe Package

As our pictures suggest, we are an award-winning, premium-level photography company. Many of the high-end features others charge extra for are details we put in every shoot we do for free. What we do out of the box will surpass most other’s premium packages. Here’s what you get on every shoot:

  • All images shot by a two-time Best of State winning professional photographer
  • Your photographer is also your editor, so your special needs are seen to by the same person through the whole process
  • Magazine quality, natural looking images
  • Aerial images included
  • All images hand color-corrected, squared and straightened
  • Overshoot by 20%, so YOU can choose the images to use
  • Fires & TV Screen images added by request
  • 2000px wide images, licensed for MLS, social and related websites
virtual tour photographer

Not all houses are alike, and not all home owners require all the same work. While our package should cover most peoples needs, there are a couple of customization options we can offer to take care of your special requirements.

  • Twilight Images ($150 for three images)
  • 24 hour turnaround ($75.00)
  • Same Day turnaround ($150.00)
  • Additional Photoshop Work ($150.00/hr)
  • Photo Tour Hosting ($35.00/mo)
  • Photo/Video Tour Hosting ($45.00/mo)
slc real estate photography

Pricing is simple too. All of our best, high-end photography, aerials, editing and compositing for MLS listings is all yours at $100 plus 7½ cents a square foot, with a 1000 sq ft minimum. We take care of everything else, and just send you the finished, MLS-ready images in 48 hours or less!

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    Iphone vs. A
    Professional Camera

    iPhones are great, and their cameras are incredibly awesome devices… for shooting portraits and daily life. But they are not set up or optimized for shooting interiors. They cannot shoot cleanly in low light or high contrast environments. But most of all, their field of view is not nearly wide enough. From the same position, I can shoot almost twice as wide.

    Full Color

    Windows turn blue; lights turn yellow. You’ve seen it in all the pictures you take. Can you fix it? We can!
    Hot areas are brought down, and the dark areas are brightened- we use multiple exposures and flash to bring out all the detail and make everything like it looks to your eye…. not to your iPhone. Color is not just corrected, but enhanced. Contrast is tweaked to pop!

    Straightening, Toning, and Window Pulls

    Homes have windows, and the light outside is a lot higher than what we find in homes. We are experts in balancing these vastly different light levels; we can pull your beautiful views back in without losing the color and detail of your home. And look close- do you see any vertical lines bending or converging like with fish eye lens adapters? No, you don’t, and you never will….

    iPhone Field of View
    iPhone Field of View
    Professional Camera Field of View
    Professional Camera Field of View

    (Shot from exactly the same position)

    Raw Image
    Raw, Wild Color Image
    Color Corrected Image
    Color Corrected Image

    Raw Image
    Raw Out of Camera Image
    Final Edited Image
    Final Color Corrected and Toned Edited Image

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